Openning Hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00am to 04.30pm Saturday - Sunday 12.30 pm to 4.30pm

Entry Price

The Bluff Maritime Musuem has a small entry fee of $5 per adult and $1 per child

Where Are We

241 Foreshore Road Bluff, New Zealand 9842

Explore the fascinating world
of Bluff's maritime rich and
extensive history.

The Bluff Maritime Museum is home to an extensive collection of models, boats, displays, photographs and a working triple expansion engine. Housed in the former Awarua Boating shed, the Maritime museum offers a unique collection, which is displayed to both stimulate visitor's interest and give an insight and understanding of the rich maritime history of the area.

The Monica

The museums biggest attraction is the oystering boat the Monica. Here you are able to take command of the wheel in the wheel house, go down below and sit at the mess room table.

Dive Suit

The deep sea diving outfit consist of a rubber and canvas suit, a helmet, a breast plate, shoes and additional weights.

Blue Penguin

Fiordland Crested Penguin ( Tawaki ) Eudyptes Pachyrhynchus lives around the coast of the South Westland Fiordland, southland, Otago and Stewart Island.

Ship Models

HM Cutter Mermaid 1823 she sailed from Sydney to Bluff to obtain young Flax plants, dressed Flax fibre and flax leaves.


Bofor Gun off the HMNZS Southland Navy Ship. In military combat, the bofor gun is a vital part of a ships self defense.


Port Engine. Which is part of the Triple expansion steam Engine from T.S.T Awarua.


Cutless Cermonial Sword. The sword was found on the Bluff Glory Track, 1942


Part of Bluff Borough Mayoral chains

The Awarua Tug Steering Wheel

Served the Bluff Port for over fifty years. Awarua was the most powerful Tug in NZ at the time of her delivery November 1932. She replaced her predecessor the Theresa Ward.